Week 1: Basement Remodel

Our basement "before"

Our basement "before"

When Luke and I moved into our house, almost a year ago to the day, one of the things we loved was there was a huge basement with tall ceilings. At the time of move in, the basement was already framed out and had insulation, but there was no sheet rock to make the space usable.

Over the past year, we've just used it as storage. I'll be honest, when my friend came over to take measurements to help us with the project, I was mortified at how the basement looked haha! For a year, we had just been setting stuff down there, with no rhyme or reason. Because we were using a friend to do the project, he could start right away, so that meant we had to get to work on organizing. 

The funny thing about having such a huge storage space is you set stuff down there because you can, but we ended up getting rid of about 75-80% of stuff once we were going through it. We organized what we did keep into specific plastic bins - Christmas decor, old photos, misc. decor items, etc. 


We did have to keep everything upstairs while they were down there working, so our house was turned upside down - happy to report that two weeks later, everything has been moved back downstairs!


During the sheet rocking phase, we had to make some decisions about what to do to cover the exposed plumbing pipes. Ideally, they would have been built or tucked into the ceiling. But ours seemed to run in a small S shape near the corner of the room. Also, our electric box and water heater did not share the same wall. That created this "L" shape that we weren't really too sure what to do with.

From a decor stand point, I did not want any of those 3 things to be visible, but they needed to be accessible. After looking at a few different options, we decided our best bet would be to add a wall that boxed in these three components. This seemed to be the best option for two reasons, 1: it covered everything that we didn't want to be visible and 2: it gave us a pretty spacious storage room to use while also still allowing us to utilize a lot of space for entertaining. 


I'm actually really happy that we ended up making this decision, because now we can place our grill (during the winter months), the plastic bins mentioned above, suitcases, Christmas tree, etc. into this room without all of that being visible to guests. We added a door so it's easily accessible, but we do plan to switch this out for a sliding barn door if the measurements work later. 


They were able to get the entire room sheet rocked in a week and also frame out the existing poles and beams with wood!