Week 2: Basement Remodel

Week 2 is here which means I got to start roughening up these wood beams to make them look old! 

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I can get into a little bit more depth here as it's easier to type everything and I forgot half of what I wanted to say when I was doing the voice over in this video! But, yes, I did record a video of how to achieve this look! 

Again, YES, this would have been much easier to do before the beams were installed. As I mention in the video, I had a friend helping me with this project who had some time off of work. He worked as quickly as possible to finish his part and I knew I could take my time going back in to stain and paint! If you're attempting this project at home, definitely do this all of the steps below before anything is installed. 

The 4 tools I used to complete this project were:

1. Black & Decker Mouse Sander - perfect for any DIYer. I love it!
2. Minwax Stain in Dark Walnut
3. A paint brush
4. Some old rags



1. Put screws and nails into a ziploc bag and just start pounding at the wood. Just hit, hit, hit! You can put as many dings in as many places as you'd like!

2. Sand down the edges of the wood to get rid of the square edge. The square edge shows that this is a brand new piece of wood, we want it to look older so sanding and slightly rounding the edges helps to acheive this look.

3. Take one of the rags and just wipe the bare wood off to make sure it's clean after sanding

4. Now you can start staining! Make sure you stir the stain up good once you open it and before you apply it to the wood. Apply stain with a brush in the same direction as the grain. 

5. I let the stain sit for about 3-4 minutes before wiping off the excess

6. Continue steps 3-4 until you're done! 

Can't wait to post about week 3! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!