Week 3: Basement Remodel

Oh man, week 3 was a doozie on this basement remodel!

Luke and I spent our entire weekend painting the basement. This also includes the staircase leading down to the basement, which was sheetrocked when we moved in, but needed paint as well. 

We did the entire space in the same color that we used for our house, Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Our local store doesn't sell Benjamin Moore, but they are able to color match it for you! I ended up going with this paint and had it color matched to the Simply White. It feels so good to have the space painted! The stairs took the longest because there was a lot of edging that needed to be done, but the hardest was the ceiling. HOLY CRAP! My neck, upper back and shoulders are so sore! It was almost impossible to tell what had been done when you were working in the space so we had to keep getting down off the ladder, going across the room and checking where the light was reflecting. OY! So happy that is crossed off the list.

For the walls, I had seen this video on Facebook for this tool, the Paint EZ-Twist, that apparently made painting much faster. I figured I'd give it a go, but I was skeptical. Click here for link! 

I used this tool only for paint, not priming, because I thought it would be really hard to clean. That was a mistake! This thing was a life saver. I swear, it made the whole process so much faster - AND CLEANER! With a normal roller brush it's basically unavoidable that you are going to drip paint on the floor. This tool stores all the paint in the holder, so you're not needed to add new paint to the exposed part which means no drips from the brush! I'm obsessed with this thing and I highly recommend it!
*I used this for the walls only because it was too heavy for me to hold to do the ceilings

No mess
No paint tray

Can't get as close to the corners as you can with a roller brush

Week 4 will be all about the floors!