5 Ways To Make Your Bridal Shower Stand Out


How in the world was my bridal shower already so long ago!? I honestly can't believe it was in October and I'm just sitting down in June to write about this. I was so overwhelmed with the wedding planning process I never found the time in between October and January to write this I guess!

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My bridal shower was truly one of the best days of my life. My husband was traveling for work so he was unable to attend, but if he was there I swear I could have gotten married that day! To give you a little back story, I chose (more on my use of "I" below) to have my shower at my parents house for a few reasons, but most importantly because it's the spot where Luke and I met. I begged my mom to let us have it there. She was against it at first (a party at your own house is a lot of work!), but eventually she gave in and I'm so grateful that she did.


Okay, so in typical OCD fashion I was involved in planning my own shower. I actually don't have OCD, but I am a planner and a control freak. So when it came thinking about my mom, MIL or MOH putting the event on for me I just couldn't. I know, I know, that's V weird and it certainly wouldn't work for everyone.

I actually can't take "planning" credit because I had a TON of help to pull this off. I simply mean I wasn't the normal "oh just surprise me, see you when I get there!" type of bride. Everyone involved was so helpful and supportive. But I do enjoy planning so being involved was a thrill for me. The true reason that I couldn't sit on the sidelines for this one is I HATE surprises. I can't handle them, they give me anxiety, I swear! I just had to know what to expect on one of the most important days of my life. But after talking to other brides, I've learned I'm not alone with this.

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Throughout my wedding planning experience, shower included, I wanted to create events that were fun for my guests. That was first and foremost. If my guests are anything like me, they have 5+ bridal showers to attend this year. I didn't want it to just be another day/event to attend. I really wanted it to be an afternoon that the enjoyed! So here are 5 things I did to make my shower fun for everyone involved!

1. Don't open gifts
This is one your older guests, aunts, grandmas, etc. may not love. But everyone else will be so thankful! Aside from watching you open their gift, no one else really wants to give up their afternoon and have to sit and be quiet for 45 minutes while you open presents. 

To still include guests in this experience, request they bring any gifts unwrapped and make your gift table a focal point of your shower. That way guests can walk around at their leisure to view all of the gifts you got!

BUMMER! I just realized I don't have a picture of this :( But I used an old church bench to display gifts.

Here's the wording I put on my invite to let guests know:

Approved - PNG File.png

2. No games
Okay, so this one was more for my benefit, haha! I am just not a game person, I've never enjoyed them at all and to be honest they make me feel a little uncomfortable. Probably just a me thing and I know some people TRULY enjoy them! But when it came to putting together the vision for my day, something that makes me cringe didn't necessarily make it's way to the top of my list of things to do. So I chose to not play games at the shower so that guests could truly relax, chat and have a fun afternoon! 

While games are typically an ice breaker at a shower, I felt like having a lounge area, picnic style benches and live music (more below) really gave guests an opportunity to get to mingle without relying on games to connect people.


3. Open bar
Whoops! Yep, I said it! Obviously this was easier for me to pull off because we held the shower at my parents house, so it was much cheaper than doing an open bar package at a restaurant/venue. If open bar isn't an option, consider doing a mimosa bar or a wine tasting for your guests to enjoy.

Add a personal touch by having a signature cocktail of your choosing for your guests to enjoy! 

*My signature drink was a Zydeco! It's my FAVORITE drink that I fell in love with in Nashville!

Mango Rum
Fresh Jalapeño
Fresh Lime Juice


4. Live music
Any kind of music works, but music brings people together, sets the mood, is relaxing and so much more! Choose music that fits you and your personality to really give your shower a signature touch! 

I truly feel that having live music there was the perfect touch and was such an unexpected surprise for guests to enjoy. Chances are you probably have a brother, cousin, friend, someone who is talented when it comes to music who would be more than happy to play at your shower and also have an opportunity for that type of exposure, especially if they are just getting started!


5. DIY photo booth
Okay, I had SO much fun with this one! I was able to do this for SUPER CHEAP by borrowing my brother's truck, but I do know that there are a lot of companies out there that rent out vehicles so you can pull this off (if you don't have a brother you can harass until they say yes).  This was fun for me AND my guests who were able to enjoy/share pictures of themselves too! We had a photographer taking pictures so everyone had a nice photo they could enjoy!