My Thoughts on a Nespresso Machine

I get asked a lot of questions about our Nespresso machine, so I figured I'd jump to the blog and share everything I know about it so far! 

I love coffee but I'll be honest I don't know much about it! I was v impressed with myself when I upgraded from a "large black" at Dunkin Donuts to a "medium caramel latte with skim milk" and even that upgrade only happens on a very rare occasion. I don't remember really drinking coffee that often in college, so post college, I did what everyone does, I bought a Keurig.

In all honesty I've always hated Keurig coffee but I never knew what was wrong with it! I have used a Keurig machine for 5+ years.

My parents know a lot about coffee, especially my dad who loves his espresso and is super particular about how they are made. About a year ago my parents got a Nespresso machine and j could not figure the darn thing out, so I assumed it only made espresso because that's all I could ever get out of it. Turns out their machine does only make short coffees or espressos - more on that later! 

Luke also loves espresso, so to be nice I put a machine on our registry since all of the other gifts mostly benefited me. Whoops! Our machine came with a sample box of pods, which again, I knew nothing about. When my mom came over and asked for a Nespresso coffee, not Keurig, I quickly teased her for being boujee. Until I tried it. Life CHANGED. Nespresso truly makes the best coffee I've ever had, but I have learned a little about it over time, so I'm here to share that with you!


My mom has the same machine as my brother and sister-in-law. I didn't realize there were different machines when I ordered ours. 

Machine + Frother

Their machine came with a frother attached, ours did not, but there is a version of ours that has a frother included in the deal! I do think the frother is a critical part. The frother works for foaming milk either hot or cold which is why I love it – iced lattes in the summer, hot lattes in the fall/winter. I do put coconut milk in the frother with no issues! 

Our machine -  Virtuoline (currently $90 off!!)

Virtuoline with frother (currently $35 off)

If you're looking for just the frother, you can find that here (it is cheaper if you buy it in the bundle above)! 

Their machine - CitiZ (with frother) (currently $90 off!!) 

The machines are basically the same price, so what makes them different? I did a little research and found that the CitiZ can't brew an 8 oz. cup of coffee. Okay, that sounds like a MAJOR game changer to me! I don't always like fancy coffee, black coffee is always my #1. So if you like basic + fancy coffee, I'd recommend the Virtuoline for you. However, the Virtuoline does have one major draw back... keep reading!


One major flaw of the entire Nespresso machine in general is getting pods is difficult as I haven't found them sold in any stores. However, the CitiZ machine does have a ton of companies that does make coffee that fits this model for less than what Nespresso sells them for. The Virtuoline does not.

The Virtuoline only has pods sold by Nespresso, which obviously makes them more expensive. This makes our machine more expensive in the long run for sure. I'm not sure if companies will come out with pods for our machine for less at some point, but until then that is definitely something to consider! The pod sizes are also very different, the ones for the V machine are much bigger, I assume because it makes bigger cups of coffee. 

One thing to keep in mind when choosing between the two machines is the amount of coffee you're drinking in a day. If a 4 oz. cup of coffee (what the CitiZ machine makes) isn't enough for you, you could end up using 2-3 pods in a day. That would ultimately make the pods for the CitiZ machine more expensive than the price per pod for the Virtuoline machine (makes 8-17 oz. cups). 

Our favorite - Virtuoline


Our favorite coffee from Nespresso is the gold cup, "Melozio". You can buy them in a 30 count pack here


Our favorite espresso from Nespresso is the blue cup, "Diavolitto". You can buy them in a 50 count pack here! 

Their favorite - CitiZ

My sister-in-law has done a lot of research and highly reccomends the Gourmesso brand for Nespresso pods. They sell pods for their machine at a much cheaper price point than Nespresso without comprising the flavor of each cup! Click here for her favorite bundle they sell

I will say, since receiving our Nespresso machine as a gift, we have gotten rid of our Keurig machine completely. I have cut back on coffee in general (1 per day now), but I can't even bring myself to make a coffee with our Keurig machine at work anymore! I never thought I'd be such a coffee snob, but hi... nice to meet you! haha!

I hope this article helps! 

**Please keep in mind, when I reference the CitiZ machine, those pods do not fit in the Virtuoline machine. Just make sure you're buying the right cup size for your machine

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