Baby H's Registry


I’ve had a bunch of people ask me for recommendations as to what to put on their baby registry. As a first time mom (who’s still pregnant) I’m by NO means an expert, but I was able to put together our baby registry based on help from family and friends who have kids! What I do want to share is that every mom says every baby is different, to one mom a “must have item” could be a trash item to another mom because their baby just didn’t like it at all. Knowing that, it can be a little tricky to make a baby registry because there is no guarantee about what exactly will work for your baby.

People started making baby registry suggestions to me early on, so I would save them all in a “private” baby registry until I was ready to sit down and really tackle the project. This took a lot of guess work out which I was super grateful for!

I knew I didn’t want a bunch of crap I wasn’t going to use or a bunch of stuff that only “first time mom’s” buy… you know the extra things you think you’ll need but you really don’t. For example, I had a bunch of people recommend a wipes warmer to me as a recommendation to put on the registry. Apparently it’s something that heats the wipes up so it isn’t so cold on the baby’s butt and doesn’t shock them. Seems great in theory until my sister was like “nope. nope. nope. can’t take it on the go, so your baby gets used to the warm wipes at home and then is ACTUALLY in shock when the cold ones touch their body when you’re out and about, take it off.” That’s the practical advice I was really looking for!

Another piece of advice I want to share is from my bestie, she recommended registering for a stroller that can convert to a double stroller for your first baby (if you plan to have a second within three years). This will avoid you having to buy a second stroller or upgrade to a double stroller for your second!

A question I get asked a lot is what kind of style my baby will have, which is why I think some people also have an interest in our registry? To be honest, without knowing the gender it’s a little hard to answer that one. I know that Luke and I have a pretty similar aesthetic - lots of neutrals, blacks, earth tones, etc. Neither one of us is huge into color, so I imagine our baby will be dressed in a similar style to how we dress. This makes not knowing the gender easy because everything we’ve bought can go either way. However, without know the gender I didn’t want to put too many clothing items on the registry that would be wasted. Once my registry was starting to go and people were reaching out about other things, I requested Amazon gift cards. I know they aren’t exciting to give but we will use them for sure!

Some of the items in the “misc.” category may seem random to you, but they do serve a purpose! The vacuum has actually already been used a lot (before baby) for small spills, but I know we’ll use it a lot for things like that once the baby is here - and to keep the car/car seat clean! The plates are plastic so perfect for kid friendly!