Gift Ideas for New Mom + Baby

You’re legit going to read this post and think I’m the MOST selfish person on the planet. However, I’m NOT gift hunting haha! I had a follower reach out to me and say their friend was pregnant and she wanted to put together a gift basket for mommy and new baby and wanted to see if I had any ideas.

I’ve actually wondered this myself (pre-pregnancy) so I thought I’d take it to the blog to share some ideas in case this is something you’re in the market for as well!

These are generally items that you might not find on a registry to avoid duplicates of gifts, so somethings might seem a little random :)

For new mommy:

  • YETI mug - I got this for my bestie and she tells me she now couldn’t live without it!

  • YETI 26 oz. rambler - Luke got this for me for water, great for pregnant and new mommies!

  • YETI straw lid - Of course the straw lid isn’t included haha, but this is great for the 26 oz. rambler linked above

  • Collar Nightgown - new mommies live in comfy clothes, but that doesn’t mean we have to look frumpy! I LOVE these night shirts from Target! Just $20!

    • Size down! I bought a size small even while pregnant and it was not tight!

  • Oversized thermal button down - tops like this are great for breastfeeding mommas!

  • Barefoot Dreams Sweater - my sister-in-law got me a similar style for Christmas and I love it! I plan to bring this in my hospital bag as everyone says the rooms are very cold!

  • Still pregnant? Mommy-to-be massage gift certificates are a great idea!

  • General gift cards for hair, nails, pedicure, etc.

  • Gift card to favorite restaurant to order take out after the baby comes

  • Home Chef gift card - for parents who like to cook!

for new mommy

For new baby:

for new baby