Surviving Your First Few Days at Home With a Newborn

We did it! We’ve survived two weeks (actually 4 now that I’m sitting down to finish this up)! Haha, the accomplishment may seem small to some, but for first time moms, you know how major this can be.

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Now that we’ve been home for a few days, I can definitely feel that sigh of relief as comfortability starts to set in. Life with a newborn isn’t easy. As much as I wanted to get home from the hospital, there was definitely a sense of peace while we were there just feeling like we were in such great hands if anything went wrong. Once you get home it’s really up to you and your partner to keep this tiny human alive.

We really struggled in our first few days. Elisabetta had lost more weight than they had hoped so we had to supplement with formula. She was able to gain weight back quickly with formula, but I felt like I had failed her and myself. I never imagined breastfeeding wouldn’t just be… natural? During labor, Elisabetta had swallowed a lot of blood, leaving her to have an upset stomach the whole first day. She didn’t eat the first 24 hours of her life. Once she was open to the idea, she would latch, but not suck. This set us back an additional 10-12 hours. Before leaving the hospital, we were able to successfully breastfeed so I thought our struggles were behind us but between her struggles to latch and my supply, it’s been a trip let me tell you. I’ll share more on my breastfeeding journey in another post!

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Now that we are able to have a little bit of a looser schedule with feedings, it definitely has brought some calm to the situation. We’re getting into a good routine of eat, awake and sleep - we are so fortunate that (so far) Elisabetta is a wonderful sleeper at night. I can’t imagine dealing with the fear of all of this with no sleep at all!

Here are some must have products that we’ve actually been using during her first two weeks of life! Momma’s, scroll down for products for you too!

For Baby:

  • Keekaroo - so bummed I didn’t register for this when I had the chance! i bought this product after the fact. TRUTH: a lot of shit (literally and figuratively) gets on the changing pads. Spit up, pee, poop, etc. We found ourselves changing the changing pad covers 1-2 times per day in the first week, it was ridiculous. My girlfriend recommended this product and it’s a major game changer! Any accidents can easily be wiped up

  • Sleep Sacks - for the first few weeks we used strictly Halo SleepSacks (love this muslin material for summer, super lightweight). They actually gave us one at the hospital as a gift and I ordered more when I got home. I definitely recommend these, but there is a lot of material that can bunch up around the neck which makes me a little nervous. I’ve had more luck / felt more comfortable with the SwaddleMe ones!

  • Baby Shusher - worth every damn penny! We use this at night/naps and take it with us everywhere we go!

  • Bibs Pacifiers - I was so bummed because I love the look of the Ryan & Rose pacifiers - and did get a bunch from our baby shower - but (for now) they are just too heavy for Elisabetta. As soon as she moves her head they fall right out. These Bibs Pacifiers are lighter and she’s able to keep them in a hundred times easier!

  • The Play Gym by Lovevery - we use this everyday for awake time! Great for laying on her back and for tummy time. I also love the cards it comes with. Right now we are using the contrasting color cards and she LOVES them!

  • Wipes Dispenser - the weight in this makes getting the wipes out so much easier! Trust me, you want to be as quick and efficient as possible haha!

  • Halo Bassinet - sleeps in this every night and at least one nap a day!

    • I have learned this one is the more expensive option because it can vibrate. If you don’t care if yours vibrates, you can go with this one!

  • Angelcare Bath - this is super lightweight so we hang it on a hook in the bathroom. Also love that she’s nice and propped up in the tub!

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For Momma:

  • Quick tips: TAKE EVERYTHING THEY GIVE YOU AT THE HOSPITAL AND ASK FOR MORE!!! This includes ice packs, pads, peri bottle, hospital underwear (I didn’t use these once I got home but I know a lot of people who do), creams, lotions, etc. I’d say the thing I used the most/really loved were the ice packs!

  • Sleep Shirts - the easiest most convenient things in the world! Wear them every. single. night…. and until about 2-3pm most days ha! I love this (runs big! I wore size small even 9 mo pregnant) and this!

  • Bravado Nursing Bras - Wear these every day! I bought these in both a large and a medium. The large is still a little too big on me (figured I should size up once my milk came in?) I returned the large and wear the medium (true to size non breastfeeding) daily!

    • Cheaper option! Unfortunately the Bravado bras are about $50 each (eye roll). I know not everyone wants to spend that on something temporary. I haven’t tried this bra yet but I know several people who have and say it compares to the Bravado! I def plan to get some of these since I only have 2 Bravado’s and can’t keep washing them all the time haha!

  • Granny panties - yep. you need them. I like that these have a high waist. Ordered a medium!

  • Silk Scrunchies - yes, this is a boujee purchase. But I’m telling you these are amazing! I wear them constantly and they never leave a mark. Also, no pulling which will come in handy once I start losing my hair.

  • Joggers - so comfy!

  • Sweatpants shorts - great for casual summer days!

  • Command Hooks - sounds funny but I use these for everything! I hang her bathtub in the bathroom, I hang her sleep sacks so they are super easy to access, I hang her washcloths - you catch the drift!

  • Snack bars - had these in the hospital and on hand my first few weeks at home! I always snack while I’m nursing and these are super convenient - and delicious!

  • Eye Masks - keep these in the fridge and use them as often as you need!

  • Water Bottle - when you’re nursing you need to drink about a gallon of water per day. I absolutely hate water bottles that sweat and make a mess everywhere. This one is super handy!

Hope this helps you mommas! Message me on IG with any questions!