February Beauty Obsessions

For some reason 2014 has brought out a whole new side of me! I typically stick to the basics when it comes to hair and make-up... but not anymore! I seriously can't stop trying new products! There are some that I have been loving so I want to share them with you here!

1. The Buttercup Blow Dryer from the Drybar
This blow dryer is such a game changer and has cut my getting ready time in half! I have naturally curly hair so it's always been tough for me not put a ton of heat on my hair to get the result I want. But seriously since buying this blow dryer I haven't even plugged my flat iron in. I can also go so much longer in-between blowouts. My hair feels so much healthier! I'm loving it! I know it's expensive (sorry!), but it's worth every penny!
I do know a few different sites sell different package options so there are a range of prices, but here are some places to get the most amazing blow dryer possible!
Sephora: $199 blow out in a box kit - great value!
QVC: $169 (clips included) - this is the one I went with!
2. The Sigma F80 - FLAT KABUKI™
This brush is absolutely a must for everyday foundation wearers! I don't know what I did before this brush - but this brush... it's magical! It's so worth it! This was my first Sigma brush purchase and since purchasing I have gotten two more, I'll share them in the future! I was introduced to Sigma brushes when watching my favorite make-up tutorial guru Jaclyn Hill!
Sigma: $21
Amazon: You can also find a major variety of Sigma brushes on Amazon!
3. Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector
I have a serious struggle with my skin - I am so excited to share what has worked/hasn't worked for my skin with you guys in the future! I've become more okay with my skin since I've been getting older, but I made some pretty major mistakes in my teens that has left me with some acne scarring. It's been hard for me to go bare-faced because of my acne scarring. But this product has helped me so much! I had been researching dark spot correctors and heard really great things about this product. I was going to start with a trial size because this product is more than I thought I would be spending, but I ended up buying it during Ulta's 20% off sale so I was okay with spending a little bit extra. I've been using this product for about a month and have already noticed a huge difference in my skin. I'm so happy to report I even feel better going make up free!
Tip: If you guys try this, take photos of the progress - it helps to show if the product is working for you to see if it's worth the money for your skin!
I haven't been able to find this product for less than the price on Philosophy, but like I said I bought it during the Ulta sale - so check for online discounts on different sites! Sephora and Ulta both carry this product!
4. Nars Contour Ita Brush
I've been going back and forth about whether or not to share this brush with everyone! Okay, the good thing about this brush is it makes contouring SO easy!! Like it's insane how easy it is! But I seriously can't find this brush ANYWHERE! I don't even have the one that I really want! I have the brush that's much wider, but there is a thinner brush that's apparently even more amazing. I found mine from Amazon and it was the only place I could find it. If you can find this brush it's SO worth it!
I am in the market for a wallet friendly eye/face makeup remover... if you have any suggestions let me know on Twitter @smtowncouture or on Instagram @smalltowncouture! I've tried a bunch of different kinds but I have yet to find one that I'm in love with!