Friday Favorite: Favorite Oscar Looks of 2013

Award show season is my favorite time of the year, but to me, the Oscars are like Christmas. I get so excited for them to get here I can't even sleep. Nothing can go wrong when the Oscars are on.

I do like to pick out who I think will win, but the real winning happens when all of the stars step on the red carpet. I just love to see what everyone wears. It's pure magic to see how an entire look can come together.

Here are my top 5 favorite looks from 2013:
Jennifer Lawrence. Photo from
Jennifer Aniston. Photo from
Charliza Theron. Photo from
Amy Adams. Photo from
Samantha Barks. Photo from
I can't wait to share my favorite looks from 2014 with you! Will you be tuning in to watch the Oscars? If so, share your favorite part in a comment below!