Breaking Free of the Jean Rut

Do you ever feel like you're in a jean rut? Not like "OMG I NEED a new pair of jeans!" kind of rut, but the kind of rut where it's been a long winter and you feel like you haven't worn anything other than jeans in a while?
Quick life update: I failed in my attempt to single-handedly bring on spring with my wardrobe, so I'm still in full on winter wear.
In an effort to wear anything other than jeans this weekend, I opted for some summer shorts with tights and booties! I was surprisingly warm in this look, and I know people will think it's crazy that I'm wearing heels in the snow... but I've lived in snow for almost 25 years, so I'm just about a pro at mastering the snow-to-heel ratio! I will say no one is an expert when it comes to this because sometimes, a girl just slips completely out of the blue even if it's not snowing (J-Law at the Oscars 2013 and 2014). 
(Outfit labels: Laundry by Shelli Segal coat via TJ maxx (similar), Loft sweater (similar), Topshop shorts, Chinese Laundry booties (similar), Rebecca Minkoff bag. )
I found this look to be a great replacement to jeans for a day time look! I paired my outfit with a very warm coat so that helped, but all-in-all it felt great to be in shorts (even if I did have tights on underneath)!
It's probably a good idea to establish some ground rules when it comes to breaking free of our jean rut while it's still less than 10 degrees - but I would love it if you'd join me on my quest!
1. Legs must still be covered
2. It's important to find a nice, thick pair of tights if we're using them as an alternative to pants
3. It's okay to go with lighter colors on top if you're keeping a mostly dark, solid look on the bottom
4. Enjoy!
{similar to my look above}