March Beauty Obsessions: #hairtalk edition

Over the past few weeks I have lightened my hair quite a bit. To be more specific, I rang in the new hair as a brunette with bangs and I am now what you would call a blonde. As natural brunettes-turned blondes know, it takes a few visits to the hair salon to achieve the right color. My amazing colorist, and friend, tells me we are "almost there", but I swear being a brunette did not take this much work! Since I have been coloring my hair more frequently, it means that I need to be really careful about what I am doing with my hair in-between visits to the salon. 
(Sorry, some items I do keep in my office so they were not available for an at home photo op of my March obsessions). 
Biotin: I do take biotin every single day. I highly recommend it. I can say that my hair and nails have never felt better! Just as a quick tip, if you are going to introduce biotin to your daily vitamin routine, be sure to take it with a meal! 
Oribe Ultra Rich Shampoo & Conditioner: I bought this on a recommendation from my hair stylist. I normally do a bit of research before investing in a new shampoo or conditioner, but I took her word for it. I am SO happy I did. I could start to notice a difference in my hair right away! Simply put, there are just no words to describe my love for this shampoo and conditioner.
Moroccan Oil Conditioning Mask: I also do my best to use a conditioning mask as often as possible. If I'm not in a rush to get somewhere then I do it semi-religiously. I put my Moroccan Oil mask on for 5-7 minutes after I shower and then just rinse. It's quick and definitely leaves my hair feeling smooth and looking shiny in-between washes.
Moroccan Oil: I love this stuff! I have been using this since college. It helps my ends to look super smooth, even if it's time for a hair cut or if my ends to get a little dry.
DryBar Blow Dryer: I shared this one in my February Beauty Obsessions post. It was worth every penny. I still haven't used my flat iron since I bought this beauty!
Oribe Dry Shampoo: The best dry shampoo I have ever used. Since buying this, combined with my DryBar blow dryer, I have cut my shampoos in half!