Bikinis that won't Break the Bank

I really have such a love/hate relationship with bikinis, I find one that I love and then I look at the price tag... hello, $265 for a bikini!? I know it's different because some people can wear a bikini all year round, but I live in upstate New York, so getting to wear a bikini 5 times a year is a lot and I can't be caught wearing the same one twice!
I am heading to Fort Lauderdale next weekend and I am on the hunt for the perfect bikini. My goal? To find a bikini that will look great in any filter on Instagram (I mean, come on who doesn't want this?) and one that won't completely kill my bank account! 
(Maaji $84.69, Motel $80.00, Pistol Panties $79.04, Asos $75.28 , Asos $65.87, TopShop $60.00, Loft $49.50, Asos $47.05)

I found some reasonable bikinis that are cute and won't make you go hungry for a month if you buy it! Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures of my Fort Lauderdale trip in two weeks!