A Weekend in Fort Lauderdale

I had the pleasure of visiting two of my male best friends in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend! I absolutely love this city. I lived in Fort Lauderdale for about 9 months, so it's a great place to visit because I know what to pack for the spots we'll be going! 
11:00am: I arrived in Fort Lauderdale and wanted to roll around on the airport sidewalk as I waited to be picked up. It may be worth mentioning that I didn't actually do this, but the thought crossed my mind more and than once. It was so sunny and warm, I was in heaven!
1:00pm: After a quick visit into the office (incidentally we all work together as well), we headed to the pool for the day to soak up some sun, it was absolutely beautiful! 
7:30pm: I chose a black Juicy Couture dress with nude Schutz heels for a night out. This dress is such a great LBD, it's stretchy and so comfortable. We went to dinner at the Royal Pig, one of my favorite spots in Fort Lauderdale. I highly recommend it! If you like dirty martinis, try the Filthy Pig, it's so good! I opt for no bacon-wrapped bleu cheese stuffed olives, but to each their own if you like it that way!
10:00pm: After dinner hit some bars downtown, including a new bar, which quickly became a new favorite spot of mine, The Public House.
Oy ve, I must remember to ALWAYS keep concealer with me! Hello shine!
9:00am: I woke up and much to my dismay it was raining pretty hard! We decided to go for brunch at the Big City Tavern on Las Olas. As sad as I was about the rain, I am so glad we go to do brunch. It's one of my favorite activities and one that just doesn't exist in upstate NY. 
3:00pm: We stayed at brunch for a while to take advantage of the bottomless mimosas and bloody marys... I mean, I was on vacation! After brunch we did some shopping at one of my favorite boutiques on Las Olas, Elektrik. I picked up this fabulous white flowy dress!
8:30pm: Time for a quick selfie! I love the pop that these Velour Lashes give my eyes! 
9:00pm: We headed out for a night on the town! We stopped by a Piano Bar (EEK! Sorry I don't remember the name), hung out at the Dubliner for a majority of the evening (we may or may not have indulged in some late night apps here too), and then finished the night at the Royal Pig.

I wore a fitted maxi dress for Saturday night. I actually wish I had gotten a picture of the back because it's open, but you can still wear a bra! Such a rare combination, I just love it when that happens. I will definitely be wearing this maxi again, so I'll post more details soon! 

Also, I MUST invest in a HD foundation, if you know of any good brands, share them in a comment below!
10:00am: We made a very strong effort to go to the beach, but the traffic was crazy so we decided to just hit the pool. We ended up having a poolside BBQ with friends, so it was a perfect alternative. We hung out by the pool for a majority of the day!
6:00pm: We got ready and went to dinner at Public House, it was so good! The perfect ending to a great weekend! I wore the white flowy number I had picked up the day before, it was perfect for a Sunday night dinner.
Thank you to my friends for a great trip, and for taking pictures for my blog!