Shades of Spring

I headed out for a birthday dinner for a dear friend in spring shades! It was a little bit cooler, so I opted for white jeans instead of a dress or skirt.
Zara blouse | Joe's jeans | Zara cut out booties | Linsey Layne bag (c/o)
Honestly, one of the best parts of living in the northeast is how versatile your wardrobe can be every single season! It could be 85 degrees one day and 40 the next... you always have to be prepared!
I love how versatile white jeans can be, they are one of those rare pieces you can wear with literally everything! For a night out with friends, I paired them with two of my season favorite purchases from Zara. A pale shade of pink is just so perfect and feminine it's almost hard for me to pass up whenever I see it! Since it was too cold for a dress or skirt, opting for ultra-feminine pieces is a perfect compromise for girls night out!