This One's For the Girls

With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, it felt like the perfect time to showcase this maxi! I love the fit of this dress, but also all of the unexpected details!
The title of this blog is super appropriate, it really is just for the girls... sorry guys - stop reading! 
Linsey Layne maxi dress (c/o) | Black crop jacket (similar) | DV Dolce Vita sandals (similar)
Okay, so two questions that I get asked pretty regularly are:
1. Am I too short to wear a maxi?
2. How can I wear backless shirts if I have a chest?
Okay, here goes:
1. Girls often ask me if it's okay to wear a maxi dress if you're short. Of course it is! First off, I'm only 5'2", so obviously I'm voting yes in this department. But honestly, when I put on a maxi, I almost instantly feel longer and leaner, which is a win-win no matter how tall you are! It's important to buy a maxi that fits, they aren't one of those items that you should buy a little bit looser otherwise you'll just look frumpy. If you are just going crazy wanting to wear a new maxi but you haven't had a chance to get it hemmed, pair it with a skinny belt and heels for an instant shape! This will help avoid looking like a little girl running around in your moms clothes!
2. Okay here goes my bra-less secret... honestly, you may think this is crazy, but it works for me! I think I heard Kim Kardashian say she does this once and I took it and just ran. But okay, I love wearing backless tops/dresses, it's such a sophisticated way to give an outfit a sexy vibe. But, let's be real... I'm not exactly flat chested, so I need some sort of support when doing so. I've tried the backless bras and they just don't work for me. So how do I achieve this? I use duct tape. Yes, I said it, good old fashioned duct tape! Typically I just use one piece for each side and place it right in the middle for some support and coverage. Honestly, this can last for HOURS! I'm not saying it doesn't hurt coming off, but come on, have we ladies never put ourselves through a little pain for beauty? For me, this is the cheapest and most effective way to be comfortable all day going bra-less! I am using this trick in the look above!
I hope this post helps to answer both of those questions! If you have other questions, or are looking for more details, please feel free to ask away in the comments section below or on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter!