A Weekend in Ocean City

Birthday weeks are the craziest weeks, but it's such a wonderful feeling! First, a quick THANK YOU to everyone who reached out - all of your posts, comments, texts, calls, pictures, etc. were amazing, thank you!
Last weekend, my boyfriend and I headed to Ocean City, MD! I had a minor heart attack when one of my friends told me that it was a dry city - but luckily they were referring to Ocean City, NJ, not MD! 
Road trip!
I woke up to this beautiful view, seriously, there is something so amazing about waking up at the beach!
We headed to Horizons Oceanfront restaurant for brunch - aren't Bloody Mary's just the perfect way to kick off a weekend away?
After brunch, we spent the rest of the day at the beach. It was warm, but I certainly wouldn't have been mad if it was a bit warmer! The beach was beautiful and nothing beats sitting in the sand with an afternoon cocktail!
For dinner, we headed to Hooked. It was such an amazing restaurant that we found on Yelp! We had such a great time at dinner, the drinks, food, and atmosphere were all great. I chose a little blue denim dress with my Schutz heels for dinner. Again, I certainly could have been warmer in my dress, but like a total genius, I didn't pack very well, so I just went with what I had! I would definitely recommend this spicy drink (seen below) if you go to Hooked, it was delish!
After dinner, we hit some bars downtown. Macky's was super cute so we stayed there for most of the night! Luckily they had a gift shop because my gentlemanly boyfriend ended buying me a sweatshirt... probably so I would stop complaining and he would continue drinking... but I believe in the age old saying "it's the thought that counts!" :) It's definitely worth mentioning that this sweatshirt came in handy for pretty much the rest of the weekend.
We spent most of the day at the beach on Sunday! 
For dinner, we headed to Fresco's for some seafood! It was a very romantic restaurant with an absolutely beautiful view!
Since it was still pretty chilly, I opted for a Zara blouse, Loft skinny jeans, and my Christian Louboutin's - sorry I forgot to take a picture! I would definitely recommend the Italian Margarita's at Fresco's, they were delicious! 
Our last day - boo!
I saw a boutique I wanted to stop at, so after we took one last stroll on the beach, we stopped by South Moon Under. I later found out that this is a chain, but it's super cute! The staff was SO helpful, which always makes for a great shopping experience. I picked up this jumpsuit and these shorts! I love both pieces and can't wait to show you how I style them in the upcoming weeks!
For our last brunch, we headed to the Bayside Skillet for brunch. It's so cute there! The outside is all pink, which I loved, and I think my boyfriend did as well, he just wasn't as open about it. We both got the seafood omelette and it was everything you could ever want in an omelette! It was amazing and delicious! Highly recommended!

Thank you so much to my boyfriend for a great weekend away and for being such a wonderful photographer! And, of course, for my sweatshirt that I probably would have frozen without :)