The Morning After

Disclaimer: I hope I don't come off sounding like a total drunk in the post below... but let's be real... hangovers DO happen and it's important to be prepared! I hope this post is like Planet Fitness (AKA "a judgement free zone").
The song "Easy Like a Sunday Morning" (although beautiful) was clearly not written for a morning... when it may be more of a slow start. Yes, I am referring to the awful, the dreadful, the sometimes completely unavoidable hangover (blame it on the alcohol). Ugh! Hangovers are the worst, no matter how much fun you had the night before. The only thing worse than a hangover, is when you can't lay in bed all day and suffer in your own world - sometimes you have to get up and face the music. If you MUST go out, you may as well look cute doing it... and comfortable. Comfort is key here!
Lovers & Friends top | Loft jeans | Rebecca Minkoff bag | Zara flats (similar) | Ray-Ban sunglasses
I have two hangover go-to's, one is a boyfriend jean and the other is a maxi... who knows on a bad morning you may see me try to wear both - kidding (hopefully)! Whatever your go-to outfit is, you just want to make sure you're comfortable. As if it's not bad enough that you're hungover, showing up to a group event being the only one who looks bad is just the icing on the cake. 
I do try to still do my normal make-up routine in the morning to cover any bags, lines, and redness that may have appeared after what seemed to be a great night. Here are some of my before-bed tips after a night of a few cocktails:
1. Be prepared
I do try to always make sure I know what the plan is before heading out for the night, if there is a chance I might stay out, I try to ALWAYS have face wash with me... it's not worth skipping and one night can send my skin into a total rampage.
2. Take it off
No matter how tired I am, I try to NEVER go to bed without washing my face and taking my make-up off. I definitely don't have a perfect track record in this area, but if I can I try to never miss.
3. Just keep drinking
Having a bottle of water before bed helps my skin a lot too!