Sunday Casual

I love summer Sundays when you can just be casual all day! This Sunday was pretty low-key, so I kept my look on the super casual side, but added a great bag to keep my look from being too bland.
Linsey Layne bag (c/o) | Linsey Layne top (c/o) | Brandy Melville skirt (similar) | DV by Dolce Vita sandals (similar)
A maxi skirt is a summer must! Especially one that is versatile enough to wear throughout the day. I picked up this Brandy Melville maxi skirt last summer and wore it a bunch! It's good for a casual brunch in the morning and will carry you through family dinner in the evening. I love the slit in the skirt because it makes the skirt just a little bit different than just any other maxi skirt. 
I wanted to keep my look on the simple side because I knew for sure no one else would be too dressy. But this bag was the perfect addition to keep this outfit interesting! You just can't go wrong with a pop of green!
Sunday casual food for thought: I remember being a very little girl and watching Oprah with my mom, I don't remember if Oprah said it, or her guest... but someone said you shouldn't roll out of bed and leave the house because you never know where you might meet someone. I remember the person who was speaking used the example of running out to buy milk, and meeting a potential man or seeing someone you recently interviewed with. I honestly never forgot that, and have pretty much used that as my rule of life ever since! It doesn't matter how casual your Sunday, you never know who you'll meet! It's so easy to just say "oh I don't care what I look like," but everyone cares. Get up, get dressed, and take on the day!
Here are some more maxi skirts with a slit I'm loving: