Summer Trend: Denim Overalls

Okay, I have been seeing denim overalls EVERYWHERE and have been dying to try them! I will admit, the first time I saw someone wearing denim overalls I was not a believer. I immediately was taken back to 1990 when my mom would force me to wear them (even though they were probably my brother's hand-me-downs)... I was obviously more of a dress kind of girl. But I am here to say, I gave them a shot and I am in love! 
American Eagle overalls (similar styles on sale) | Lovers + Friends crop top | Zara flats (similar)
This trend is certainly not for everyone and probably won't be around for very long. If you want to try this trend out I definintely recommend that you try them on. I tried on a few different styles that each fit me very differently before finding this amazing American Eagle pair. I have seen overalls starting to pop up all over, even TJ Maxx, so take some time and make sure you find a pair that works for you! Also, don't make too much of an investment because you don't know how long they will be in style for. I was so thankful that these beauties were in my price range, I've seen pairs over $200!
I shared a picture of myself the day I got these on Instagram and they were a major hit! I've been so excited to get them up on the blog ever since.
If you are going to give this look a try, I do recommend going with a top with a bit of a higher neckline. I tried a bunch of different tops and found that if the neckline went below the chest of the overalls, it actually added weight because there wasn't as clear of a line. I was so happy when I saw this Lovers + Friends top and picked it up right away!
What do you think about this trend?