A Little Bit of Classic

I am so excited that summer is almost here! I love summer, even as an adult when I have to go to work during the day, I just wake up feeling better every day. It's so much easier to throw a quick outfit together in the summer and effortless style is the best kind of style there is!
J. Crew Panama hat (in Natural) | Express dress (on sale!) | JustFab heels | Coach bag (very old, but here is a similar and better version)

Quick fact about this dress, I actually bought it in all 3 colors that it comes in (black, pink, and teal - all on sale now). It's such an easy dress to just throw on and goes great with flats, wedges and heels. I love that you can wear a normal bra with this and don't have to go strapless if you don't want to! While we are on the subject of buying things in multiple colors... YES, I did cave and buy the J. Crew Panama hat in another color! I wore the black one so much (seen here, here, here, oh and here) and I really love the natural color for summer!

I absolutely love this look because it has so many classic pieces, but it's paired with heels instead of flats! I needed a heel so that I could transition this outfit into an early dinner look and it worked out perfectly!
It's so funny how things change as you get older. When I was younger I was obsessed with tan lines, like I couldn't be stopped, I had to have them! Now I think they are so tacky on me! I accidentally fell asleep in the sun so I have some pretty major tan lines happening right now, but I did pick up a self-tanner from Ulta that I read some really great reviews on, so I can't wait to give it a try this weekend! I'll keep you posted on my status and probably share some tips for application next week!
Whoops! I didn't notice my bag was turned around in all of these - sorry!