Red Lip Solution

How could it possibly be Monday already? The weekends are just oh so good! On Saturday, I had the wonderful pleasure of going out for a double date night (one of my favorite, favorite things to do)! My boyfriend and I are very lucky to have such great friend couples around to go out with, and this weekend was no different. 
I picked up this new dress recently and really love it, but it felt really plain and I couldn't decide if it was right for the occasion or not. I added a red lip to this look and was so happy with it - it was the perfect compliment to this casual dress.
Okay, so maybe this is just me... but I am so guilty of it! Whenever I buy something new I literally wear it (them) all the time for like maybe 2 or 3 weeks, it's like my world didn't exist before I got it (them), and then they just go into a regular rotation and you might see them every once in a while. I've always been like this and have DEFINITELY been called out for it (whoopsie)! But old tricks die... what is that saying again? I am certainly not changing any of my habits with these new heels from JustFab, it's like I didn't exist before I got them. I have been breaking them out so regularly as you may know since they made their blog debut last week