Summertime Blue Jean Baby

As any upstate New Yorker knows (or maybe I should just say Northeastern-er), the weather can go from 75 to 45 VERY quickly, even in the summer! Sometimes jeans are a summer must, but you can keep your look summery, even if it's chilly outside. Enter light colored denim and a bright colored top:
Forever 21 top | Loft jeans | Express necklace | Linsey Layne 3 way clutch (c/o) | Christian Louboutin shoes (similar)
Okay, jaw dropping moment here! I'm actually campaigning to NOT wear black all the time, shocking I know! Just because summer nights - and some days - can get chilly, doesn't mean you have to resort to black, you can dress warm and bright at the same time. Summer brights are chic and effortless, and will probably make you look tanner than black shades anyway (win-win ;) ). 
Love a good hi and lo combination! This look includes Forever 21 and Christian Louboutin's, I put them together and they became fast friends. Try mixing hi's and lo's with your looks! 
Looking for a perfect day-to-night time bag? A clutch like this is definitely the answer and what's better is that it can be worn in more ways than one! I regularly talk about pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways, so why would a handbag be any different?