#tbt: Everything Old is New Again

How amazing is it when you find something in your closet that (for whatever reason) you haven't seen in forever!? It's like you got a brand new skirt for free... kind of. I was going through my closet and found this skirt that I bought when I was a junior in college (hence the #tbt) and fell in love all over again! Added bonus: this skirt is from Forever 21 so it was super affordable, HOLLAAAA!
H&M top | Forever 21 skirt  (similar) | Schutz heels | Linsey Layne clutch (c/o)
Of course it wasn't a completely perfect day... I don't like the way my shirt looks in some of these pictures, it looks a little loose which makes the outfit look a little frumpier than I'd like. I did come up with a solution though! I ended up putting a pair of Spanx on underneath the skirt and tucked my top into them! Walla, a tucked in shirt that stayed in place all day (well... all day after the pictures). 
I absolutely love the colors in this skirt, but I did want to give it an extra pop. Enter a teal clutch! 
I think the nude wrap sandals make this look more daytime, but a printed skirt can be perfect for a variety of events from day-to-night. I maybe even wore this skirt to the club once, but we certainly don't need to go down that #tbt lane!
I'm loving printed skirts for summer, these styles are also great: