verb: Mixing and Matching

Mixing and matching is one of those things that I love to do, but only break out on certain situations. Honestly, I think mixing and matching is just one for the girlst! First, it takes a lot of work to get right (hence why I "verb-ed" it) and second, I just don't know that a lot of guys get it. I will say that my bf is super complimentary of 90% of my fashion choices, but even he's not into this one, so... no need to torment him - I'll save this look for girls night!
Lovers & Friends top | Forever 21 printed pants (similar) | Zara heels (similar) | Asos clutch (similar)
Mixing and matching can be tough work! I mean it, sometimes I even break a sweat, so technically putting these looks together could be considered a work out. The trick is, it's all about finding colors that are complimentary and aren't too competitive. For this look specifically, the printed pants have black and white lining in them which is why I opted for this shirt.. The colors and patterns compliment each other, if the pants were too light of a color this wouldn't have worked at all. 
The best part about mixing and matching, is it's basically like you get a whole extra wear for both of the pieces. I've worn this shirt and these pants before on the blog, but together, they look like completely different pieces. It's like getting more bang for your buck!