Skorting Around Town

Well it's officially true what they say. Everything comes back around. Yep, certainly there are some major "comeback" trends taking over the summer including overalls, the tied around the waist look, and now skorts. Do you remember skorts from your childhood?
Zara top (sold out online) | Aqua by Bloomingdale's skort | JustFab heels
A skort is a pair of shorts pretending to be a skirt, it's shorts in the back and what appears to be a skirt in the front. I guess... kind of like a mullet?... except everything is one length.
I absolutely love this rhinestone top, which is saying something for me, because I'm not one that's typically into rhinestones. But when the Zara sale is going on, I feel like it's okay to just try anything! I wore this top for a full day when I received it and I am a bit disappointed at the amount of rhinestones that did come off. You can even start to tell in some of these pictures. I think it'll last 2 or 3 more wears, but after that it'll probably be done. Oh well, you win some and you lose some! Good thing it was on sale, #amiright?