Enhancing a Tan

I have no idea how it's already nearing the end of July! Summer has flown by so quickly I've only had a few chances to work on my tan, but if you're strategic with your color choices, you can enhance your tan (no matter how pale you may feel)!
Linsey Layne top (c/o) | Joe's jeans | JustFab booties
Let the record show that I HATE my obnoxious tan lines! I have had zero time to apply my favorite self tanner and bandeau bathing suit tops do absolutely nothing for me, it's so #notcute. So for now, I'm stuck with them, but it's the bf's birthday this weekend so we will be celebrating outside all weekend long!
I'm a huge fan of wearing nude shoes with white jeans because it helps to elongate my legs. Whether it's booties, wedges, or sandals, I just try to make sure they are in the nude color family so that I look longer and leaner!
If you're looking to enhance your current (or lack thereof) tan this summer, here are a 3 tricks to try:
1. White jeans - it's amazing how much tanner you look if you opt for white or light colored jeans for the summer instead of dark or black jeans! This trick works really well for people who have a bit of a natural tan. If you don't tan in the summer, you may want to avoid white jeans and choose lighter shades instead to avoid looking washed out.
2. Coral shades - so complimentary of a tan and really help to take it to the next level!
3. Bright shades - I would recommend using bright shades as an accent to avoid looking too 80s!