Cut Offs for Date Night

I have been on a major denim cut off kick this summer! They are just so easy because they transition from day-to-night so well! I was heading out for date night with the bf and I didn't have much time to get ready, so I went for my tried and true summer piece!
Black Cropped Jacket (similar) | Nordstrom tank | ASOS belt | Guess shorts (similar) | Zara heels (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff bag
Denim cut offs are just the right amount of sexy! Just make sure they aren't too short, no one wants to see your butt cheeks. I have a bunch of different pairs, but these probably fit me the best. Finding a good fitting pair of cut off shorts can sometimes be a struggle for me because a. I'm short and b. my body is not totally in proportion! I have to find a pair that fits my thighs, but then isn't too big on my waist. I have the same problem with jeans, however with cut off shorts it also seems to be a problem with the crotch (for lack of a better word) area. I hate it when shorts are baggy there! The only solution I've really been able to come up with is try on, try on, try on! 
I picked up this amazing belt from ASOS for an upcoming Look for Less post, but I've already been wearing it with a ton of other outfits!