#FallDenimWeek: Look for Less: Kim Kardashian - Moto Jeans

Happy Monday everyone! This week is #FallDenimWeek on Small Town Couture! I'll be sharing looks with some of my favorite styles of fall denim all week long. Be sure to follow along all week for an inside look at fall trends.
Denim is definitely my go-to when temperatures start to cool down. There are so many different styles so it's easy to make each look completely different from the next. I'm so sad that summer is ending so quickly, especially with this crazy weather we've been having, it's like summer is over in the middle of August! That being said, I am super excited to be wearing layers, boots, sweaters, and jeans again! I love fall fashion - it's winter that gets a LITTLE tough for me - but we'll get through it togetha!

Bebe blazer (similar) | Nordstom BP tank (similar) | Seven jeans (similar) | Zara pumps | Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)
Just a quick side note: I don't think anyone can really rock a slicked back ponytail like Kim K. I mean I give the girl credit! I look 100% not cute when I try to make this look happen for myself, so my hair is down in these!
I absolutely love moto denim, it's just super unexpected and adds perfect detailing to your jeans. I personally feel like the things that I love about these jeans makes it so that you can't wear them as often as you would a normal pair of jeans. The detailing makes them easier to notice if you wear them on a regular rotation. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend making a huge investment in these jeans. 
This look actually makes me LOL a little bit. I loved it when I saw the pictures of Kim so I wanted to give it a try, but I literally went around to everyone asking "does it look like I'm trying to be a doctor?" Haha! I actually liked the way my photographer captured the look (HI MOM!!) but I was not 100% about this look until I saw the pictures. Does that ever happen to you?
I'm loving these styles of moto jeans too!