#FallDenimWeek: Boyfriend Jeans

Welcome to part two of #FallDenimWeek! Today's feature is on boyfriend jeans. I totally have a love/hate relationship with boyfriend jeans. For the most part, when I put them on and look in the mirror I just feel super frumpy. When I start to create a look I do begin to feel better, but once you look in the mirror and feel frumpy does that feeling ever just go away? You should always feel gorg before leaving the house! 
When it comes to boyfriend jeans, it all comes down to the fit. I found this pair of boyfriend jeans from Loft and tried them on and was immediately surprised! I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but I actually tried the jeans on in a full size down. I love that they are still fitted around the waist but loose on the bottom, like boyfriend jeans should be. I'm short and curvy so I honestly think this was the perfect trick. Boyfriend jeans may be one of those things that require an in-store try on so that you can try a bunch of different pairs before making a commitment!
Zara leather jacket | H&M blouse (similar) | Loft jeans | Zara heels | Clutch from Amazon
Let's just get one thing out there, boyfriend jeans are pretty incredible because they slide on and off. You can avoid that early AM wrestling match you have to get in to (and hopefully win) with your skinnies. Because I am so short, heel are a must for me with boyfriend jeans. Honestly I can look between 5-7 lbs. lighter if I choose heels with boyfriends instead of flats... #nobrainer. 
And so my love affair begins with this leather jacket from Zara. You will be seeing this beauty many, many times this fall! I love her!!