Transitioning Maxi Dresses from Summer to Fall

Transitional pieces are a must for those who live in 4 season states! Maxi dresses are great for transitioning into fall because they are so easy to throw on and go, you only need one or two layers and you're pretty much covered from head-to-toe. 

Loft maxi dress | ASOS belt | Zara leather jacket | Rebecca Minkoff bag
I'm crazy about pieces that make me look cooler than I actually am and this dress and jacket combo is no exception. I mean... I kind of look like a rocker, which is totally cool in my book. I can't sing or play an instrument... but I can fake it until I make it... right? 
Adding a leather jacket to a maxi dress is a great way to transition a summer item into fall. You just want to be sure to be careful about the fit of your leather jacket. If it's too boxy, you may want to avoid pairing this with dresses otherwise it might add weight to you. You just have to be careful with this when it comes to layering. I try to find fitted items just to keep my frame. This is especially important for people around my height (5' 2"), taller people can get away with this much easier than we can!