#RealTalk: The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Leggings

As a recent college grad... Okay as a college grad (less emphasis on the recent)... I have a high level of respect for leggings. I mean, you can throw them on and you can go, they are pretty much as clutch as it gets.
However, my boyfriend lives in a college town, so this weekend as we ventured out for a little breakfast, I saw a lot of college girls in leggings. Great... or so you may think. Girls, I don't know why your roommates let you out of the house, but your pants are see through and it's not okay. This is not a mockery of leggings, but there are some do's and don'ts that should be known before we head back out. 
1. DO: Wear long shirts.
Leggings are not pants... and they may be see through. Leggings are one of those unique "judgement free" options, it doesn't matter how big or small, see through leggings can happen to anyone. To avoid this, wear a long shirt and #coverthecamel!

DON'T: Wear crop tops
Crop tops are just not the place for leggings. Wear a long top and add some layers for a cute look! 

2. DO: Invest or layer
I love picking items up from Target and Wal-Mart, but (through my own trial and error) the leggings sold there may not be the highest quality. To avoid this, invest in a lined pair of leggings or buy a pair of spanx and wear them underneath your leggings.

DON'T: Go out in just a thong with unlined leggings.
Everyone will see your butt. I know God invented Victoria's Secret for a reason, but let's keep our underwear as underwear, not outerwear.

3. DO: Ask Before you Leave
Girls, ask your friends, mom, or roommate before you leave the house if your pants are see through. Make sure you are standing in good light because sometimes your pants don't become see through until you get outside in the direct sunlight. If you are looking in the mirror everything may look great in the front, but that doesn't mean it's okay in the back.

DON'T: Hope for the best and just go out
People will take notice and not for the right reasons!

Here are two looks I put together with leggings. These leggings are fleece lined so they are perfect for winter and I can avoid any see through situation!


Linsey Layne Boutique fleece lined leggings | H&M sweater (similar) | Zara flats (similar) | Michael Kors reversible tote (similar)