Stop Trying to Make Ponchos Happen

The name of this post is pretty ironic... because I love ponchos. Probably because wearing a poncho limits the number of things I can with my arms, which I really have no problem with (haha... laziness in full force?? #IThinkSo)! I found this scarf on Zara and I love it because I can wear it in more ways than one. I found that draping it over my shoulders gave my outfit more of a chic vibe, but tying it like a scarf would be great for a more casual look.
Zara scarf | Zara top | J Brand jeans (similar) | BCBG pumps via DSW | Sole Society hat
I love this look because it's an unexpected combination. I like to keep some elements a surprise, so putting together a bunch of different pieces is always exciting. It's also an easy way to mix up your look, you can easily mix-and-match pieces without being as noticeable. 
Throwing a scarf over your shoulders is also an easy way to stay warm in the fall!