Outfit on Repeat

I am 100% guilty of being that girl who buys one thing in multiple colors if I love the fit or style. Why? Because if something fits well, and makes you feel good, isn't that the whole point of this whole thing that's also known as "getting dressed in the morning"? The challenge is, how can I buy essentially the same item and make it a different look each time? Well ladies, it's time to get creative!
Truth: I have been wearing this dress.... honestly just a lot. Like really, a lot. But I love it! Here are 5 different ways I styled this dress to mix up the look:

Linsey Layne Boutique dress (no longer available)
This dress from Linsey Layne Boutique just fits my body shape so well, and my favorite thing about it, is how versatile this dress can be. I've worn it to a wedding, I've worn it to work, and I've worn it on a Sunday afternoon - come on, those are three COMPLETELY different looks to put together! 
I will always be an advocate of finding quality pieces that let your body shine and that you feel good in. For me, I'm short and curvy, so something that's v-neck and cinched at the waist is pretty much a win-win. For others, find what works for your body type and stick to it. Sure, it's fun to get excited by new trends... but those may look absolutely awful on your body. It's okay to get excited by new trends, but find what works for your body and try to find ways to work that in. Feeling good in an outfit will give you more confidence to take on the day - and why shouldn't you want to highlight your body in the best way possible?