Socks as Outerwear

I love finding little ways to make an outfit different. Just looking for ways to enhance, or to create something unexpected, that might make my outfit different from someone else. Especially now that we are heading into the winter, there are only so many ways you can wear a sweater and boots, so let's try to mix it up a bit! Adding an unexpected element to your outfit, like turning your socks into an accessory is a great start!
Forever 21 cape (similar) | H&M sweater (similar) | Loft jeans | TJ Maxx socks (similar) | JustFab booties | Kate Spade Saturday bag 
Some tips for adding socks to your outfit... because let's be real, sometimes I try to put socks on and think "wait, did I gain 10 pounds?" or "no, no, no this looks ridiculous!" So be aware there may be some trial and error involved with testing out socks. For me, I have found that regular socks that I purchase are a little long for adding over my jeans, so I do fold them over to make them work better. For us shorties (hi ladies!) adding socks that are too tall will make us look heavier, so let's definitely avoid this! Also, this probably isn't the best time to start making a statement. I personally would avoid bright/neon socks because they will be too competitive with your look and probably won't blend well with your winter ensemble. I have found it best to stick with socks in the black/gray family so that they just add a little excitement to my look, but people aren't wondering what's happening with my feet.