When Small Towns & Big Cities Collide

I've loved seeing all of the mixing and matching patterns and materials this fall, so I decided to give it a try! This look feels so country and city combined to me - obviously country on the top, city on the bottom for those keeping track at home! ;) 
Zara top | Clare V clutch | Linsey Layne leggings | Zara pumps
I love wearing leather leggings for an ultra chic look. Not only do I think it's such a good mix-up from wearing jeans regularly, but it's just such an unexpected element to add to your look, especially in a small town! But, yes, I do absolutely wear Spanx underneath! Not to avoid anything being see through, these are all set, but to avoid any body imperfections from showing through. I personally choose to wear Spanx under most tight bottoms just to keep things tight!