Dressing Up the Distressed Jean

I still laugh every time someone is shocked by the fact that I paid for jeans with holes in them. Yes, it's totally ridiculous to pay for jeans with holes... but hello, do you think I could do this to myself!? Side note: I did try to put holes in my jeans with a cheese grater - it was an EPIC fail! 
Aritzia top (similar) | Forever 21 jeans (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff bag | DSW shoes
I love distressed jeans because I think it adds something extra to your outfit. Of course, there is a thing as too many holes, but as long as your holes are around the knee region you should be good to go! I think it's really easy to pair jeans with holes in them with a casual look, but I absolutely love to dress them up! Just because they have holes doesn't make them any less dressy! 
Jeans with holes can be such a fun way to mix up your look and you can find them at a lot of affordable stores like Forever 21 or H&M!