New Year's Eve is... when?

Well... crap. Crap, crap, crap. Why didn't anyone tell me it was New Year's Eve? To be fair, I'm joking... but seriously how did this happen so fast? I've never been so unprepared for a night out! So, if you're anything like me, we're either going to be running out to pick something up quickly or shopping our closets. Just a word to the wise here, I am all for re-creating looks and I myself will be putting together a look that I already own. But #NYE is not a night to wear the same dress you wore last year. It's just one night of the year you want to avoid wearing exactly the same look. With TimeHop, #tbt's, #WCW's, #oopsitsnottbt's.. (the list goes on and on).. you will get caught. So avoid being a repeat offender and leave last year's dress hanging in your closet.
Here are 5 things to look for tonight:
1. Black
Keep it basic ladies, we are in a time crunch. Luckily, there are so many ways to make black look chic. A fitted maxi dress or a jumpsuit can both easily be winterized to make a perfect look for the night. Here is a look I wore over the summer, which could definitely be re-created for the night. Add a fitted leather jacket and switch out the open toed shoes for pumps and you'll be all set! Of course you'll want to keep the red lip for a little added glam for the night, just make sure you bring it with you in your purse to re-apply after midnight. Your date can hate or thank me later #hehe.
2. Leather
Also, preferably black. But leather can be so sexy which is perfect for the night! Try pairing leather skinnies with a fun top for an effortlessly glam look. Below is a picture with a perfect pair of black "leather" skinnies which will be sure to turn some heads. Please don't pair this with a flannel top, you can leave that at home. If you have a top with some lace it's a great way to compliment your sexy bottoms without being over the top. If you don't have lace, look for a white or black blouse which will help to enhance your look. If you aren't feeling totally comfortable in leather skinnies but still want to try this look, I recommend adding a black tunic which will make you look slim and sleek. What else could you ask for?
3. Metallic
Okay, this one may be harder to just pull something out of your closet, but if you have time to go pick something up metallics can be super fun! To keep your look from being too over the top, I personally would recommend your pair metallics with black... wait, is that the theme of this post? #whoops! A metallic dress with solid black tights or a metallic top with skinnies would be amazing. 
I pinned some looks featuring metallic on my Pinterest page. Check them out here!
4. Fitted Skirt
There are so many fitted skirts that I've seen lately that I'm loving! This look may be a #fashionoverfunction kind of thing because I prefer fitted skirts sans tights. But I also may just be a crazy person who would risk going tights free! Try adding a fitted crop top with your skirt or tucking in a top, you don't want anything that hangs over the waistline otherwise you'll look heavier. Pair with a pump and you'll be good to go! P.S. Hopefully it goes without saying, but don't drape a jean jacket over your shoulders tonight... but everything else about this look is ready to go! :) 
5. Statement Necklace
Okay, we're getting desparate here. If you are just feeling totally uninspired this year and can't find anything to put together, check your accessories for a statement necklace. You'll be amazed at how quickly your outfit will be turned around. With a statement necklace I would recommend a colored lip and either big curls or a high bun. As you have probably noticed, I am actually not a huge accessory person, so if you're like me you're probably nervous to try this. But tonight is the night to give a go. If you're feeling like it's too much try changing your top. For a more minimal look wear a statement necklace with a black sweater with a neckline higher than your necklace. It helps to create some separation from your face and the necklace for a more subdued look.
I added more statement necklace looks to my Pinterest page. Check them out here
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have an amazing night!