#MaxxLife: Every Outfit Starts in the Closet

Organization is one of those things that I've had to learn to love. As a child I wouldn't say I was necessarily messy, but I didn't appreciate how much smoother life could be if I took my time to stay organized. As a very busy "grown up" (ugh), I've learned that staying organized and picked up can keep my whole life running smoother. In the mornings - or whenever I'm in a hurry to get ready - I am always grateful that I've applied this "acquired taste" life lesson to my closet. 

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I am fortunate enough to have been able to convert a spare bedroom in my house into a closet. Having this extra space allows me to stay super organized, but also creates an opportunity to have a fun space in my home where I can take my time getting ready, have friends hang out, and put a bunch of different looks together.

Every outfit starts in the closet so for me it helps to keep everything organized by season, color, and style. I like to keep as many things hung up as possible because it's easier to look through and see everything that I may want to pull to create a new look.To do this as efficiently as possible I use felt hangers which allows me to hang twice as much, but also stops clothes from falling off the hanger that may otherwise slip off because of their cut or material. You can pick these hangers up in a variety of colors from your

local T.J. Maxx

for super cheap!

Keeping an organized closet helps my mornings to be a breeze!