Introducing DoTerra Into My Life

Over the past few weeks I have introduced Essential Oils and a crap ton of vitamins into my life and I have absolutely been loving the results. This all started out as a joke, one of our good family friends had a party that my mom attended, and as I've always said, my mother and I are a sales persons dream. Naturally, my mom bought whatever our friend was selling but then wasn't entirely sure how to put it to use in her everyday life. When our friend, Jessica, came over to give my mom a tutorial, I actually asked her when she became a witch doctor. #Whoops!
I've always been someone who doesn't like to take prespcription or over the counter meds. I honestly don't know where this came from, I think my brother said it once and it just sounded cool to me so I wanted to do it too #littlesiblingproblems. But I've done my best to try to stick to this as much as possible. I've done little things like try to drink water instead of take Tylenol, get rest instead of taking a prescription, etc. This post is certainly not meant to encourage anyone to stop taking prescriptions, I know some people do need them, I'm just sharing my point of view with you. This philosophy had me very interested in using Essential Oils regularly so I decided to give it a try.
I'm still learning about DoTerra all the time, so my tips below are just some things I've learned so far, but as I continue to learn I hope to continue to share.
One of my favorite oils by far! I add lemon oil to my water every day and I love the benefits I receive from doing so. It's great for lifting moods and has more benefits than putting actual lemons in your water. It's great for your digestive health... and I've also heard you can use this as a cleaner (you'd have to ask my mom)!
I use the lavender oil each night before I go to bed. I put two drops, mixed with coconut oil, and rub it on the bottom of my feet. If you're anything like me then it's sometimes hard to lay down at night and not think about the stress of the day or everything that you have to do tomorrow. The lavender helps to calm me down and relieve my anxiety. 
I love this oil! I have been using it daily in the afternoon at work as an all natural pick-me-up. I put two drops on my hand, breathe it in and rub it on my neck. It's heating and cooling gives me the refresh I need to get through the afternoon. I also use peppermint mixed with Frankincense to combat headaches. It gives me the quick relief I need and does so naturally which I love!
I am always the friend who's known for going to bed early - and I hate it. I'm 25 not 100! But I get so tired that I just can't help it. When I first met with Jessica I explained this to her and she suggested I start taking the vitamins daily so I decided to give it a shot. This has been the biggest noticeable difference to me. I have more consistent energy throughout the day and I absolutely love the feeling. I notice if I forget to take the vitamins in the morning because I feel tired, sluggish, etc. The vitamins have been such a game changer for me!
There are so many oils you can choose from and so many have different benefits for your body. There is so much to learn about essential oils but it's fun to know all of the things you can do to help keep your body happy and healthy! If you're interested in more information about DoTerra, please let me know by shooting me an email @ . My sister has become so passionate about this product and would be happy to answer any questions you may have!