Paris by Day

I was going to wait to share this post - but the sun is shining and it's over 50 degrees today so I am celebrating the fact that I can share a spring look!

Lovers + Friends crop top | American Eagle jean jacket | Artizia skirt (similar) | TJ Maxx backpack (similar) | JustFab booties (similar)
I am so happy crop tops are back this warm weather season! Although this one is from last year, I absolutely love the style. Crop tops don't even always show my skin, but because I am on the shorter side they proportion really well with a lot of my high waisted skirts.
A jean jacket is such an easy thing to throw on and makes outfits look really daytime! It's a perfect thing to throw on for the day and then take off at night and your outfit will look totally different. I love how they are so effortlessly casual cool.
A tip for all my short sisters out there - especially those in the northeast! We haven't had a chance to tan our legs yet, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't let these babies be free - it's been a long winter! I find that pairing a nude shoe (bootie or sandal) is a great way to make your legs look longer and leaner. This is a great way to make your legs look great even if they aren't the color or size that you want them to be just yet!