What's a Culotte?

Last night was so.much.fun. I don't remember the last time I've seen so many people in one place at one time. It's basically what I can image Black Friday must be like - I've never been but I can assume - yes... insert shocked face here! Thank you to everyone who came out to support two amazing local women in business, Linsey Layne Boutique and The Topping Tree!
This is the outfit I wore to the event last night, I picked up these pants from the Boutique last week and immediately fell in love!

H&M crop top (similar) | Linsey Layne culottes | Zara pumps (similar) | Rebecca Minkoff bag (on sale!)
Okay so total confession, when I first saw this style pant I immediately stopped what I was doing and said "W.T.F." No lie. They look funny... and then there is the whole thing about me being 5'2" and knowing that I should avoid anything to do with this silhouette. But then I tried a jumpsuit on and was like... oh wait, I like it. And now 3 weeks later, I own three pairs of these pants. Too much? Yes, probably. But... #YOLO.
So I'm totally having a love affair with this style pants right now. Maybe it's a summer fling, maybe it's here to stay... who knows. But I'm enjoying it while it lasts!
If you're short like me, we do have to be cautious with this style. I would definitely recommend a fitted tank tucked in or a fitted crop top to show the definition of your waist. Pairing these with anything loose on top would make you look a lot heavier overall. I also can't wear this style pant with a flat, but a heel really does make such a difference! Throwing on a heel picks you up and makes your body look longer and leaner which is a win-win in this situation! 
Would you consider giving these pants a try? Share your thoughts in a comment below!