Celebrating Pietra's Birthday

Throwing my sister a surprise birthday party is one of the most fun things I've ever gotten to do! Of course I almost ruined the surprise like 100 times and THEN she had to go and get engaged ( ;) ) and I had to avoid her for like a solid week just to avoid ruining the surprise for her party. But having that extra special reason to celebrate was beyond amazing. And yes, she asked me to be her Maid of Honor! Does that mean it's okay to finally make my Pinterest wedding board public? I'm sure I'll be posting lots of wedding related tips, snaps, Instagrams and more because I'm so excited to get to help her with this process!

When we originally started planning this party I was hoping for a Coachella theme, but no one really knew what that was so then we went for a carnival theme and then it ended up being more country carnival - but it was amazing!



How amazing are these "Peach" themed desserts from Rosa's Bakery!?
 It was also my boyfriend, Luke's, birthday as well so we celebrated for him as well!



I went back and forth a few times about what to wear, but ended up going with this amazing maxi dress. I had several people comment to me that they typically don't like this style dress, but they loved this one, and I completely agree!
Although this dress may seem super summery, it's not! I can't wait to pair it with a leather jacket and booties in the fall. The white will be totally unexpected but it will go so well - I've already tested it to be sure! ;)
Happy birthday, Pietra. I love you!