Made in America Festival - DIY Dresses and New Trends

September is the busiest month for me! I just got back yesterday from Made in America, I'm hosting a Loft event this Thursday, I'm heading to NJ for a college roomie reunion this month and I'm also travelling to South Carolina at the end of the month... stay tuned so you don't miss out!

This weekend I went to my first music festival, Made in America, in Philadelphia. It was so. much. fun.! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I totally think it's something people should do at least once in their life! Beyonce was incredible, along with so many other artists, some of which I had never even heard of, haha! It was amazing!
Leading up to the festival, I wasn't really sure on what I wanted to wear. I did some research and asked one of my college roommates who had been to the festival before. A lot of what I saw was lots of skin (haha) and red, white and blue attire. I'm certainly not one that's against crop tops, but I also wanted to wear something unexpected that no one else would really have on.
Day 1
 I found this amazing number from Forever 21, but thought that a maxi might be a little difficult to wear throughout the day. I mean, there were 110,000 people there. I decided to go ahead and try to give this dress a slit on my own, I figured if it went wrong at least the dress was only $27 so it wouldn't set me back too much.
On her: Forever 21 dress (similar here and here) / ASOS booties / Rebecca Minkoff bag / Ray Ban sunglasses
On him: Urban Outfitters tee / Bullhead shorts (on sale!) / Converse sneakers / Ray Ban sunglasses / Vans hat
I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and add the slit to the dress. I received so many compliments from people and on social media on my look. I feel like the slit was exactly what this dress needed and it made it much easier to move around in while at the festival.
I paired my maxi with a red lip (which stayed on through like... 1/2 the day, haha!) and flat suede boots. My best accessory was my boyfriend (#CHEESY!!!!) who, luckily for me, is also super into fashion. He is so good about playing along with my request to compliment each other's looks and let me help with his outfits for the weekend.
I'm so sorry this exact dress isn't available online anymore!
Day 2
To be honest, I wasn't quite as prepared for day 2. I packed a few things, but I wasn't in love with anything. I was planning on wearing overalls, but it was 95 degrees in Philadelphia so I didn't want to wear something so heavy. We ended up doing a little shopping in the morning and I picked up this dress from Urban Outfitters.
 On her: Urban Outfitters dress / Urban Outfitters headband / Loft earrings / Converse sneakers / Rebecca Minkoff bag
On him: Urban Outfitters tank / Urban Outfitters shorts / Converse sneakers
For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I'm not a huge accessory person. But for some reason, this weekend, I was up to try anything! I really loved this headband with this earring, I felt like it took my look (paired with Converse sneakers) up a knotch and make it not so basic.
For those of you that don't know, I have been wearing extensions ever since I cut my hair. I just wear clip-ins, but I put them in almost every day. I bought them for $99 from Sally Beauty Supply and brought them to my hair dresser and she cut them to the length of my lob for me. I wear them for volume and added thickness - and I absolutely love them! Anyway, by the end of the night I ended up turning this headband into a turban style headband because it was pulling so hard on my extensions... either that or I just have a huge head!