Real Talk: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have certainly come a long way since they have been introduced. Now they are one of my favorite pairs of jeans to wear, but I definitely didn't always feel that way!

I have this very distinct memory of the first time I tried on boyfriend... errr.... my dad's jeans. I had heard people talking about boyfriend jeans and I didn't have a boyfriend at the time, but I did have a dad, who also had jeans, so I thought I was set. Apparently THIS was going to be the trend that I saved money on and try to find something at home first before heading to the store to just try something new. So, I head up to my dad's closet and grab the first pair of jeans I see and try them on. Well, I probably should mention my dad is 5' tall and weighs about 160 lbs. I looked in the mirror in horror at these high water, light wash, straight leg jeans that I thought I could make work and then down at the magazine with this beautiful model who looks flawless in her "boyfriend" jeans and felt immediately nauseous. This trend was just not for me.

Loft sweater (on sale!) / Express jeans / BCBGeneration shoes via DSW / Rebecca Minkoff bag (similar)


Well, a few years later, I went to the store to try on "boyfriend" jeans that were actually made for girls and felt much better, but I still didn't love them! I felt frumpy in boyfriend jeans and I felt like they made me look heavier than other jeans.

Boyfriend jeans have definitely come a long way. Now, many stores are even calling them "girlfriend" jeans with more of a fitted thigh but still just a tad looser on the bottom. I have found that I can only wear boyfriend jeans with certain styles, so here are some of my favorite tricks:

1. I can only wear heels

I've tried flip flops, sandals, converse - you name it, I've tried it. If I don't wear a heel I only end up looking heavier. I'm only 5' 2", so other people may not have this problem, but I definitely recommend a heel if your short a curvy!

2. The top matters

Wearing a longer top with boyfriend jeans isn't a slimming look, for anyone! Instead, try going for a top that is either tucked in, a fitted top or hits you right at the waist line of your jeans.

3. Play with the bottoms

I love rolling and unrolling the bottoms of boyfriend jeans for totally different looks! It's a great way to make your look more done - or undone - depending on what you're going for!