Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Holy $#! Halloween is when!? How do these major holidays that require some degree of prep work always seem to sneak up on me? In all honesty, I'm actually not dressing up this year because I'll be on an #LFvacay in Denver. But... if anyone is like me and saves some things until the last minute, then this post is for you!

I scoured the web for you and pulled some resources for some quick-to-assemble Halloween costumes from home! Here are some super cute idea costumes that you can pull straight from your closet:

  1. Taylor Swift I mean come on, she's like the girl next door! Surely you have some pieces in your closet that resembled this squad leader. Looking for inspiration? Check here for 17 ways to dress like Taylor Swift this year.
  2. Cat Well, if I started with Taylor Swift, I might as well follow up with a cat, right? Throw on a pair of black skinnies and a black top - or a fitted black dress - and add a pair of ears. You can even make a pair of ears yourself if you have the materials. Click here for easy tips!
  3. Audrey Hepburn Why be original on this one? Sometimes classic is just the way to go. Even though this costume has been done before, it's still a simple, beautiful and elegant option! If you're not interested in doing the classic black dress and pearls, give these options a try.
  4. Cowgirl If you have a plaid button down top you're pretty much half way there! Just throw on your favorite pair of jeans and add a cowgirl hat and boots. 4 simple pieces and you're ready to go!
  5. Risky Business This classic costume is a major win - and you can just borrow a shirt from your dad, boyfriend or brother. Just make sure you practice your slide! A word for the wise, wear nude Spanx under your shirt to keep your goodies from showing!
  6. Minnie Mouse Chances are you own an LBD - just find some ears and you're pretty much good to go with this one! Click here for more!

Whatever you decide to go as, I hope you have a great Halloween! I can't wait to see some amazing costumes on Instagram!

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