Organizing My Makeup


Hey guys, it's me... Francesca. I know it's been a bit since my last post, it's been crazy with the holidays! Plus, the BF was in town last week so I took a mini stay-vacation. :) I'm back today with a post that has been SO crazy over-needed in my life. My makeup counter seems to have grown and grown over the past few months and has turned into an overwhelming disaster. I finally spent some time this weekend cleaning everything out and organizing all my goodies.


Once I organized everything into piles I realized I had actually purchased a few duplicate items because I wasn't aware I had them already. I have tried a few other makeup organizers in the past, including these plastic trays, but once something got full you had to order a whole new one and they take up a ton of space. I did some research online and saw this idea about using an old shoe hanger for your makeup and thought this was brilliant! You can see everything and it gives you an opportunity to keep everything together in one space. I still want to label the compartments so I make sure to keep everything in the right places.

I know that a lot of my disorganization came from traveling so much this year and just not being thorough about putting everything back, but it became more challenging because not everything had a place. Now I can pull what I need from one central area and will be able to put things back quickly and efficiently. Phew!

I still want to order a MAC eye shadow pallet box to hold a lot of my individuals in a more organized way as well, but for now they all fit in here nicely!


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


I hope this helps you get organized or to stay organized if you're already one of the good ones! 😊 As a rule of thumb when cleaning out your makeup to decide what to keep and what to toss, you shouldn't keep most makeup for longer than 12-18 months. If you're questioning how old an item is you may be better off just tossing it to be safe!

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