Money Saving Secrets


It's the best time of year! I love the trees, lights and spirits so much, but let's be real, Christmas can get expensive! I have a few tips that I use to check for cheaper options that I wanted to share with you, although it's a little late in the season, these are tips that you can use all year round! I RARELY pay full price for an item which definitely helps me to save money and being able to buy without feeling guilty - I just had to share!


1. ShopStyle I am obsessed with this website for so many reasons, but mostly because it allows me to search for an item and see the price on a ton of different websites. ShopStyle puts clothes from a ton of different websites into one place so that you don't have to spend time sorting through different sites to look for an item. You can filter by price so that you aren't tempted to even look at something that's out of your price range. I'll give you an example:

I recently found this skirt on Reformation's website for $138.


I absolutely love this skirt and I know that Reformation makes amazing clothes, so $138 is reasonable for them to charge. However, with the holidays and an upcoming trip, $138 is a lot for me to spend right now. I went to and typed in "maxi wrap skirt" and was presented with a ton of different options of styles and prices. I ultimately ended up finding this skirt from American Eagle, by the time I checked out I ended up scoring this skirt for $20.00!


2. Wait for Coupons As you know, I'm an avid shopper of stores like Loft and Express, but I will rarely buy anything at full price. If I see something I like and it's not on sale, I'll add it to my cart and make sure that I log into my account. This way, it'll save what's in my cart for the next time I log back in. When I do get a coupon from either store, I can just log in to my account and my cart will be ready to be checked out.

It's worth mentioning that sometimes the item you've been saving will go out of stock, so if it's something you really need you might not want to wait for a coupon code.

3. Buy Used Items This year I've gotten into buying items second hand, it's so much more affordable. I have a few different websites that I use for purchases like this, each has pro's and con's.

Poshmark I buy and sell items on Poshmark and so far I've had amazing experiences on this site. You can buy clothes, bags and accessories for a fraction of the price. I recently bought a $395 Rebecca Minkoff for $150. I'm pretty familiar with Rebecca Minkoff so I felt comfortable knowing what to look for and you can talk back and forth with the seller, I asked questions about where they bought the item, what season, etc. The only danger here is once you buy something it's pretty much yours. You can only return if the item isn't described as you received it, wrong size, terrible condition, etc.

The RealReal Who doesn't love a discount on designer goods? The RealReal is an amazing site because they pre-qualify all items and act as the selling agent between the buyer and seller. A seller needs to send their materials to The RealReal to be qualified for sale and then The RealReal will sell on their behalf. This is a more trusted source than Poshmark where there is no verification process.

Thred Up My sister-in-law turned me on to this site! She uses it to buy a lot of baby clothes for my niece. It's full of discounted goods ranging in price from like $5 to Rebecca Minkoff or Coach bags - like my range? Haha! Similar to The RealReal, sellers send their materials to Thred Up for an approval process and Thred Up sells on their behalf. You can make returns to Thred Up if you aren't satisfied with your purchase!

4. Online Coupon Sites It's always worth doing a quick google search for coupons whenever you are checking out. If I find one on Retail Me Not or another site it works maybe 2 or 3 times out of 5, but it's worth a shot!

Phew! These are some of my best secrets - I hope they help you save some money at the bank!