Eyebrow Routine



I've had a lot of people reach out to me since I posted the selfie, which ironically enough was to rave about some new hair products, to ask me what products I use on my brows and how I shape/define them. I'd like to start by saying the only things I know about makeup I learned on YouTube, so by no means am I an expert here. A professional may read this and LOL, but this is the routine I've been using lately so I wanted to share!


For starters, I get my eyebrows waxed at the Brow Bar at Ulta in New Hartford, NY. I go to Francesca (not just because we have the same name - haha) and she's amazing. She has definitely helped me with my shape and has given me a lot of tips on how to fill in my brows. I have always been a fan of bigger brows and I'm very grateful that my mom never let me over wax my brows, so they've never needed to grow back in. I stay away from tweezers all together and just let Francesca work her magic when I go in for an appointment.

Click here to book an appointment - this is set up for the New Hartford store.

francesca (8)

Below are the steps I take to use each of the products!

Product 1

francesca-2 (11)

I start with the Brow Wiz pencil by Anastasia. I use the shade Dark Brown. If you go to Ulta or Sephora they can help color match you so you can find the perfect shade as well!

To start, I draw a line on the bottom and top of my eyebrow so I can define the area that I want to fill in. I don't draw a line up and down at the end of the brow to avoid my brows from looking too sculpted, I find this helps to look more natural and not as "perfect." I fill my brows in from front to back with the pencil.

Product 2

francesca-4 (11)

Next I go in with the Brow Bar to Go by Gerard Cosmetics - found here for a little less on Amazon. I use the shade Medium to Ebony. I actually only use the color on the very left, but they aren't sold individually as far as I know.

francesca-5 (11)

With this product, I dip the brush (included) in the palette and go over any spots that I might have missed with the pencil. I feel that the powder over the pencil gives a natural look without being too harsh. Powder is a little easier to use because it's more of a swipe vs. using a pencil can get a little heavy in certain spots if you aren't used to it.

Feel free to choose between one or the other for products 1 and 2. I prefer to use both, but you can achieve similar results by just using one!

Product 3

francesca-7 (12)

This product is just perfect for a finishing touch! This is Gimme Brow by Benefit. It's a colored brow gel which helps to keep my product and brows in place all day long. I use shade medium. I simply run this over my brows, but try to avoid pushing too hard so it doesn't hit your skin. You just want this product to lightly lay over your brows to keep them in place - too much product can look very unnatural.

francesca-8 (9)

Product 4

This product is High Brow Glow by Benefit. I use this product differently depending on what I'm doing. If it's just a regular day, I'll place this inside the arch of my brow and quickly rub it in with my finger. If I'm going out or doing something a little more special, I'll line the top and bottom of my brows and rub it in with a small brush for total definition. This will be sure to help your brows pop! Just make sure you blend to avoid having white lines in photos - haha!

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!