Friday Favorites


TGIF! I'm so excited the weekend is FINALLY here and that means my boyfriend is home!

I'm going to start doing a weekly post (on Friday's - hence the title ;) ) of my favorite things I've found online this week. Since I'm always on the internet, I'm going to keep this just keep this at 5 per week. These will include many different categories so check back weekly!

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1.Overnight Oats


I actually made these this week! One cup of oats was enough for breakfast for two mornings - it's perfect! This recipe is super easy to make and it looks super cute too (Yes, these are things I definitely care about ;) ).

2. Lob Hairstyles


Always looking for new ways to style my lob! I've been seeing a bunch of styles I love, but I'm hoping to try this one this week!

3.  "Bra" Tricks


Okay, I know this one looks so weird. But I've actually been doing this for years! I don't use this for cleavage, but I do use duct tape in many "emergency" situations. For all of those backless tops that us chesty girls just can't wear - duct tape. For all of the super low cut tops that can't be paired with a bra - duct tape. For all of those low cut back dresses that would definitely show your bra - duct tape. I'm telling you - give this a try!

Warning: YES IT HURTS COMING OFF - haha!

4. Suede Cross Body


I love an unexpected material that's appropriate for warm weather - and suede is just that! This suede cross body is gorgeous and perfect for those warmer temps heading our way!

5. Matte Balms


I'm not one of the lucky ones who was able to score a Kylie Lip Kit - so I've been looking for alternatives wherever I can find them! These Revlon Matte Balms are great for all day wear and I think the colors resemble Kylie's!

I hope you enjoyed the first series of my Friday Favorites! :)